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Faciox Inc.
We are dedicated in developing medical device and we haven been in the field of oxygen concentrator for multiple years. A few years ago, the government started to promote the long-term care program. We noticed that Taiwan is gradually turning into an aged society. To benefit and care for more people, we get our hand started on developing our UPOC oxygen concentrator. It is a whole function product that combined advices from doctors, raspiratory therapists, medical engineers and feedbacks from the market and consumers. 
RhealMed Inc.
For many years, we have collected all the fine medical products, only because we wanted to provide the best medical device. RhealMed Inc. values its own employees' trainng that each and everyone of them should be able to specialize in the use and any relevant information of our medical devices. Through all theses years in the field of medical device, we have worked with hospitals, schools, and local medical device store closely. In this case, we will be able to receive direct feedback from our customers in order to imporve our products. The ultimate goal of RhealMed Inc. is to become the front line guard of our customers' health.  

New Ear
Founded in 2019. It is a hearing aid department under RhealMed Inc.. The Dongmen store was established in the same year with numbers of naqtional certified audiologists, hospital standard hearing check equipments, home resemble welcome section, hearing aid selectm room, repair and maintanaince room, and etc. Moreover, we have been working with Zhenxing hospital for local spot service, community hearing health education, and prevent hearing loss. We tried our best to use what we learn in giving back to the society.
Your ears,
New Ear cares